From antique wood


Line of furniture made with reclaimed antique wood. A production of minimal design modules, essential lines that highlight the natural surface of the wood, marked by veins, knots, cracks, reliefs and depressions, signs of time or impressions left by work of man. Each product is a unique and unrepeatable piece thanks to use of original and antique material, customizable finishes and handcrafted creations on request.
NEW LIFE IN ANCIENT WOOD WITH AN INTELLIGENT RECOVERY ACTIONThe recovery and processing of old beams or secular plants is the starting point for the realization of projects where the watchword is to fascinate; the signs of aging that characterize these products are real emotional stories to the eye and to the touch. Advanced treatment and manufacturing techniques transform the old wood into new furnishing accessories of incomparable beauty
UNIQUE FURNITURE AND FURNISHING, GUESTS OF HISTORY AND CHARMThe furniture and furnishing accessories born from the wise recovery of ancient wood have the privilege of uniqueness and exclusivity, shaped by the creativity of designers inspired simultaneously by tradition and innovation. Accurate processing gives the ancient wood a new function and at the same time a new vitality and strength. The resulting piece of furniture stands out for its eclecticism, an authoritative protagonist in any contemporary decor.
CONSISTENCY AND QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISEThe appropriately selected antique wood, treated and worked with targeted techniques, abandons its original function to give life to new furnishings with an exclusive design. The beauty and preciousness of the material is evident; the sight and touch are particularly gratified. Finally, the form and the new functionality have no limitations whatsoever. With antique wood it is possible to create unique furnishing objects, precious furnishing “sculptures” capable of enhancing interior architecture and ensuring perfect functionality of the piece of furniture or accessory according to specific needs.