Soft and sinuous modern armchair, with a structure entirely covered in fabric, which is thrown upwards with gentle feet.The soft seat and back cushions rest on the fabric shell ensuring maximum comfort.Also the new foot in wood it is a pleasant detail that enriches the new version.

Frame: upholstered in fabric

Also available two or three seater and ottoman sofa.
Fabric finishes as the sample


Fabric finishes

Bubble light blue

Bubble blue

Bubble grey

Bubble black

Bubble rose

Velluto muschio

Velluto sabbia

Velluto terracotta

Barnum almond

Barnum forest

Barnum sand

Barnum white

Esedra tricot burgundy red

Esedra tricot niagara blue

Esedra tricot sand

etna blue

etna honey

etna salt and pepper

Kvadrat steelcut trio 3 515

Kvadrat steelcut trio 3 526

Kvadrat steelcut trio 3 616

Kvadrat steelcut trio 3 806

Kvadrat steelcut trio 3 983

Maharam merit 003

Maharam merit 008

Maharam merit 023

Maharam merit 025

Maharam merit 033

Maharam merit 035

Maharam merit 037

Maharam merit 039

Millenial visual 313

Millenial visual 315

Millenial visual 319

Millenial visual 327

Millenial visual 329

modi almond

modi cherry

modi midnight blue

modi saffron yellow

modi salt pepper

modi stone grey

Regal arancio

Regal azzurro

Regal beige

Regal blue

Regal cammello

Regal giallo

Regal grigio

Regal nero

Regal rosa

Regal rosso

Regal verde

Shock corallo

Shock grigio seta

Shock nocciola

Shock oltremare

Shock stone grey

Sponge arancio

Sponge azzurro

Sponge beige

Sponge blue

Sponge giallo

Sponge grigio chiaro

Sponge grigio scuro

Sponge verde

Tanimo brick red

Tanimo dove grey

Tanimo millenial pink

Tanimo nut brown

Tanimo ultremarine blue

Tram anthracite

Tram black

Tram orange

Tram beige

Tram elettric blue

Tram pistachio

Tram dove

Twins ash

Twins jeans

Twins dark sea

Twins dust

Twins dove